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Educational Resources

The Cathedral's Education Department have produced a number of freely available resources for teachers.


Magna Carta: Charter of  Liberties - a resource for Secondary Schools

Charter of Liberties prog of study.pdf

Guided reflections.pdf

NB individual resources to accompany the programme of study and guided reflections are as attachments below.


For the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta, the Cathedral produced a freely available resource for teachers at KS3 entitled Magna Carta:Charter of Liberties. This resource is a set of six hour-long teaching sessions looking at a variety of aspects of Magna Carta and its legacy in today's society. Initially produced to mark the visit of HM Queen Elizabeth II and HRH the Duke of Edinburgh to the Cathedral in 2012 as part of her Diamond Jubilee, it was generously sponsored by Wiltshire County Council. In addition there is a set of six guided reflections prompted by Magna Carta for use with KS3 in collective worship, tutorial times or class-based assembly.


These resources are available for general use by schools by kind permission of Wiltshire Council.  

See the attachments below to download a pdf of the resources that go with the programme of study and the guided reflections.






Resource 1.1.pdf 9.2 KB (.pdf)
Resource 1.2.pdf 63.78 KB (.pdf)
Resource 1.3.pdf 575.13 KB (.pdf)
Resource 1.4.pdf 45.36 KB (.pdf)
Resource 2.1.pdf 8.61 KB (.pdf)
Resource 2.2.pdf 8.64 KB (.pdf)
Resource 2.3.pdf 28.54 KB (.pdf)
Resource 3.1.pdf 8.64 KB (.pdf)
Resource 3.2.pdf 11.6 KB (.pdf)
Resource 3.3.pdf 8.66 KB (.pdf)
Resource 4.1.pdf 8.77 KB (.pdf)
Resource 4.2.pdf 10.89 KB (.pdf)
Resource 4.3.pdf 16.14 KB (.pdf)
Resource 4.4.pdf 8.07 KB (.pdf)
Resource 4.5.pdf 49.62 KB (.pdf)
Resource 4.6.pdf 9.74 KB (.pdf)