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The water meadows from above

"Fascinating tower tour. Unrushed and packed with facts. Behind the scenes to see the beauty of this historical building." Jenny, Facebook, October 2015

Admire the Nave from the base of the West Window

"The stained glass windows are quite magnificent as is the Choir. This beautiful cathedral is well worth a visit. So much history and architecture..." Freya, Trip Advisor, May 2016

A narrow walkway on the way to the tower

"Although there were a lot of steps, it didn't seem that way because it was broken up in sections. We were able to see inside the tower, and the view from the top was priceless. Highly recommend!" Trip Advisor, April 2016

Tower view of the North West

“The tower tour is great - on a clear day it is breath taking when you get to the top." Samantha, Trip Advisor, April 2016

Visitors at the West Window

"On both the Tower Tour and the Cathedral, the guides were impressive with their knowledge and enthusiasm for sharing the Cathedral's story. Thanks to them, we spent a memorable day instead of just making a quick dash through to snap a few pictures." Jean, TripAdvisor, April 2016

Visitors admire the views from up high

"Venturing up into the spire [top of the tower] itself, although daunting, was the highlight of the trip. Definitely recommend it!!" Vincent, TripAdvisor, March 2016


Tower Tour Video

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